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  UR Freaking Me Out
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UR Freaking Me Out


September 17 2019
PREMIERE of our video for "Revolution is a Closed Loop" from the You've Got Some Nerve album

August 2 2019
PREMIERE our video for "Electrolux" from our 3rd album What's It To Ya.

June 21 2019
PREMIERE our video for "Holy Hell".

April 15 2019
PREMIERE of our video for "Sharpie" brought to you by our friends at Bullspike Radio.

March 5 2019
PREMIERE of our video for "Put Upon" brought to you by our friends at HardRadio.

February 11 2019
PREMIERE of our video for "Something New Everybody Wants" brought to you by our friends at Sleaze Roxx check out thier post and mini interview.


December 14 2018

PREMIERE of the ACETYLENE QUEEN video is out today. Rock Confidential has the Exclusive video release along with an interview with Curtis.

November 30 2018
We have posted a playlist of videos from our performance at this years Hard Rock Hell Festival in Wales along with some of our other UK shows on the Snew Tube channel.
Watch them here: SNEW in the UK

November 23 2018
Check out the great review we got of "You've Got Some Nerve" from Ben Timpson at This is not a Scene: Click Here

October 30 2018
Snew are sad to know we have lost our dear friend and former bandmate Willie Basse. He was a key element in the creation of our 3rd album "What's It To Ya". That album will stand for all time as a testament to his enduring spirit and as just one of his many contributions to Rock and Metal.
Here is a post on Curtis' FB page
RIP Willie Basse

October 5 2018
Lords of Metal our of The Netherlands have posted a video of Curtis Don Vito talking about his top 10 fav guitar players.
Check it out here

October 3 2018
In an exclusive feature, Curtis Don Vito, discusses his top 10 most influential vocalists while driving along in LA.
Check it out here

September 25 2018
The video for "UR Freaking Me Out" is OUT!
Overdrive in Ireland has the Exclusive first stream of this video. Check it out here

September 17 2018
Our new album "You've Got Some Nerve" is OUT!
You can get your copy of the deluxe CD or digital download at and just about any other place you are comfortable with online. If you want to stream it on Spotify or Apple Music it's there too. We hope you will add it to your playlist.

September 15 2018
Here's a current batch of reviews and interviews recently published about "You've Got Some Nerve":
Maximum Volume:
Lords of Metal:
Battle Helm:
House of Prog:
Just Listen to This:
Music in Belgium:
Alt Corner:

August 17 2018
Moshville Times just posted "SNEW - The Road map to Heavy" a video where Curtis discusses the origins of all Heavy Music.

July 24 2018
Tune in tonight 7:30 PM PST, Curtis with be on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church were he will talk about all kindsa stuff.

July 19 2018
Our new single "UR Freaking Me Out" is now available on most major download and streaming services. This is the first song from our upcoming 4th album.

July 17 2018
Check out the interview we did with Moshville Times.

July 16 2018
Check out the interview we did with Planet Mosh.

June 27 2018
The Premiere of the first single "UR Freaking Me Out" from our new album "You've Got Some Nerve" to be released September 17 2018. Click the link below:



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