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Guitarz Forever

Review of "What's It To Ya"

by Scott Thomas

Did someone motion "four on the floor, no-holds-barred, pure unadulterated loud and crunchy rock and roll !!!" ??? If so, I think I'll 2nd, 3rd and 4th that motion...

I'm sit'n here listening to the ridiculously snickering juvenile, tongue-in-check of a bunch called SNEW. Their loud, sinister, black-eye bar music will have you hop'n around like a bi-polar kat on a hot tin roof... The music is simply put "INFECTIOUS". Curtis Don Vito's raspy vocals and atrociously sinister screams fit the music like a pair of leather-tight racing gloves. All the while, surgically weaving those mischievous, malevolent and just down right lethal lyrics in out of the music like a heroic army surgeon's scalpel under fire. Steady as she goes boyz...

This is SNEW's Third Album to date. The CD was tracked at Redondo Beach, CA's Total Access Recording Studio with the help of producer Bobby Owsinski and engineer Ken Scott.

Owsinski, a pioneer in the art of surround sound music mixing, is a respected author, speaker and music industry advisor whose production credits include projects for Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and Chicago. Owsinski also produced SNEW's much-praised debut Snew You (2008) and We Do What We Want (2010).

"Bobby is a guru in the music recording industry," says lead singer Curtis Don Vito. "He's a master at capturing that raw high energy sound that defines SNEW. We're really fortunate to have him on this project."

Ken Scott is a legendary engineer/producer who has recorded many of rock's seminal albums, including The Beatles' White Album, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and Supertramp's Crime of the Century.

"Ken is truly a wizard when it comes to getting great drums sounds, and any other sound for that matter," says drummer Mark Ohrenberger. "I've never heard my drums sound so amazing in the studio."

And believe me when I tell ya, this album's production is top-notch to say the least. The musicianship, creativity and overall vibe is exciting and fun. The guitars tones are spot on and they sound HUGE too...

Parting Shot: So yeah, I would crawl over a mile of broken guitarz to hear SNEW play through an old Army field-phone. This band has the petrol, and the mileage... All they need now is their own circus tent and a long and winding road filled with many horizons of screaming loyal fans. And, I'm definitely on the way. I guess I better start hitch-hiking now.

5 Starz Out of 5

August 7 2012



Review of "What's It To Ya"

by Chris Akin

What is there to say about Snew? They are the quintessential shit kicker band. There's several out there. There's bands like Broken Teeth, Rhinobucket and American Dog to name a few. Then, there's Snew. Snew has been kicking around for a few years now, growing a couple fans at a time but making an impact independently with a level of persistence that only guys that are truly dedicated to their craft can appreciate. Given that life forces me to be wedged in with a lot of image conscious, douchey modern metal/post hardcore bands that would never understand this level of commitment, I'm always one to give a DIY band like Snew every chance. Thankfully, they have proven the musical chops once again to warrant some attention from not only me, but the hard rock community at large. WHAT'S IT TO YOU feels just like the boot hitting your ass when you were a teenager telling your dad that you couldn't do something because it was too hard.

WHAT'S IT TO YA has that whisky drinking bar sound that is always appealing to the biker rock community of the world. While I named a few bands above, multiple listens to WHAT'S IT TO YA remind me alot of another band - Jackyl. Specifically, this album has that raw, but powerful feel of Jackyl's second album PUSH COMES TO SHOVE. You can stop reading here if that's not what you are into! Songs like "Pull My Stinger" showcase the not so subtle innuendo that powers so many of these bands. Vocalist Curtis Don Vito is never going to win the Geoff Tate award for clean vocals, but his warbly razorblade carved up sound fits perfect with the music these guys write. He and the band rip things up on "Tearing Up Your City" with reckless abandon. You literally can picture a big fat guy with his SAMCRO wannabe colors on headbanging with his fist firmly flailing away in the air as you listen. Andy Lux is another of those hidden treasures of riffology that's out there. Much like Steve Theado of American Dog, Lux can just flat out riff and, yet, gets almost no credit for his powerful playing. He tears it up on each and every song.

PITRIFF RATING - 88/100 - WHAT'S IT TO YA is, pretty much, exactly what you would expect from this band, or any band like it. They are very much a biker's delight of a band, and that's probably the exact audience they are looking to reach. Snew has hit it again hard. If you don't like it, then Snew You, pal!

August 7 2012

http://www.pitriff.com/cd-reviews/classic-metal/211-snew-what-s-it-to-ya/ target="_blank"

C.W.'s Place

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By C.W. Ross

Overall Album Vibe: 'What's It to Ya' is the 3rd album from rockers Snew ( 'Snew You' -2008, 'We Do What We Want' -2010). The album was recorded at Total Access Recording in Redondo Beach, CA. with well-known producer Bobby Owsinski ( Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Neil Young, Chicago) and Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie, Supertramp) handling the recording and mixing. The album also features the band's new bass player, Willie Basse (Black Sheep).

As I listened to the songs that made up Snew's 3rd album release, 'What's It to Ya,' it hearkened me back to my younger days speeding along in my souped-up muscle car on a hot summer night night with the windows down and the stereo blasting. That's because I would define Snew's music as, American muscle car rock n' roll,' with it's wailing guitars and in your face drums, that's all topped off with the vocals of Curtis Don Vito, that have the perfect amount of rock growl found on them.

Having also reviewed some of the band's earlier music one of the things that I noticed different as I listened to, 'What's It to Ya' was, instead of all out constant hard rocking tracks, the songs that are found on the new album offers up several nice tempo changes. Continuing on with my car analogy the band has found their musical gas pedal that knows when to cruise for show and when to push the pedal to the floor to haul rock n' roll butt!.

Review Tagline: With their latest release, 'What's It to Ya', Snew continues to build up an impressive resume as a good time, rock n' roll band.

Standout Tracks: "Release the Beast", "Pull My Stinger", "Tearing Up Your City", "What's It to Ya"

August 8 2012


Turbo's Time

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Turbo

Everyone has that group of bands that they remember exactly how they first discovered them. For whatever reason that first exposure sticks with you. For me one of those bands is California rockers SNEW. I was just beginning to make my way into the world of rock and metal as an internet DJ and I was watching That Metal Show when I saw a commercial for the 2010 album We Do What We Want. I decided to reach out to them to see if they'd send a rookie DJ a copy of the album to help get the word out. Not only did they send the album but my brother Jay Scorpion and I have become friends with them, helped put together a show for them here in New York, and support each other in full. So when I got their new album What's It To Ya before it's release I was stoked and honored to get it early AND be included in the liner notes.

All the mushy stuff out of the way, I can tell you as a fan of rock and metal that their new album is a definite pick up. SNEW has taken the fun of the 80s and mixed it with a pure rock sound while filtering out all the glitter and glam that bands like Def Leppard are desperately running away from. And since rock and metal no longer has a definitive identity it's reassuring to know there's a band that can give you good tunes and a good time with no strings attached.

If you're a believer that rock is a being to itself then the opening track "Release The Beast" should tell you what to expect from it. A solid dose of riffs from Andy Lux on this track let's you know how serious they are. The riffs don't stop there. Each and every track has plenty of touches from Andy. One of my personal favorites on What's It To Ya is "Electrolux". Curtis Don Vito's vocals on this one is similar to Bon Scott and it reminds you instantly of the fun and carefree days of rock in the 70s. It's also a great introduction to new bassists Willie Basse as he works hand in hand with drummer Mark Orhrenberger setting a steady rocking yet a hint of blues rhythm. It's a song that you could easily put on a workout or long distance playlist. Then take "Clever Girl" and the title track and add it to your party playlist, both songs say party vibe.

When it comes down to is SNEW is letting the world know that California isn't all prim, proper, and stuck. They bring the fun and party back to the rock world.

August 11 2012


Sleaze Roxx

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Skid

If you're already a card carrying member of the 'Snew World Order' you know exactly what to expect from these Los Angeles natives. On their third album What's It To Ya Snew stay true to the brash playbook established on their previous two efforts.

To say this new album is better than their 2008 debut Snew You may be pushing the envelope, but one could easily argue that it matches that underrated release in every single way. The opening track "Release The Beast" does just that, setting the tone for what is to follow -- but the best is yet to come. Lead-off single "Pull My Stinger" could easily be one of the most infectious songs to hit the airwaves this year, as the rhythm section of Mark Ohrenberger and legendary bassist Willie Basse prove to be one of the most consistent duos in the current hard rock scene. Even better yet is "Electrolux", without a doubt the greatest song about a vacuum cleaner in the history of mankind. Ok let's be honest here, it is likely the only song ever dedicated to a dirt sucking machine, but that doesn't take away from the song's intensity and flawless bottom end.

From there Snew continue to deliver shit-kicking sleaze rock that is all brawn and muscle. Vocalist Curtis Don Vito spews tongue-in-cheek lyrics with a quality that would make the mainstream run in fear -- not unlike an unruly pit-bull running loose in a high-class neighborhood. Even when Snew attempts somewhat of a ballad, as shown on "Bad Words", the subject matter is at odds with the vibe and makes for a unique approach. Meanwhile the anthemic title track rolls along with a cool riff and rompin' chorus before the album closes with the straight-forward rock number "All Over You".

I still say Snew sound a lot like Jackyl, and with both groups releasing albums so close together Snew have thrown down the gauntlet in what could be an epic battle for the Southern tinged metal throne. But in all honesty Jackyl are going to have to release their best effort since 1997's Cut The Crap to even match What's It To Ya -- as this album is consistent, entertaining, filthy and rockin'.

August 18 2012


Rock United

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The lads of Snew have recorded their third and best album so far. It's loud, primal, in your face, sleaze/hardrock from the US of A and the band has taken a huge step towards world domination. Produced by Bobby Owsinski, a pioneer in surround sound music mixing whose production credits include projects for Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and Chicago. Recorded and mixed by Ken Scott who has recorded many of rock's seminal albums, including Beatles White album, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and Supertramp's Crime Of The Century.

Yep, Snew are definitely ready for the next level and new bassist Willie Basse of classic metal pioneers Black Sheep fame (which also featured a certain vocalist by the name of Lou Gramm), fits right in with the rest of the band. Having gained a loyal following for their raw, electrified monster rock, "What's It To Ya" sits nicely inbetween the New York rock of The Dictators, MC5, Twisted Sister (their debut album only) and the standard AC/DC and unfortunately some of the Jackyl too.

However, I'm happy to report that "What's It To Ya" is overall more towards the classic sound of The Dictators and good old biker metal. Curtis Don Vito howls like a madman on top the tunes and they may still look like the rejects from a Spinal Tap movie. However, you can't deny the sheer power and attitude of the band and their songs. "Clever Girl", such a clever little tune, 'Handsome' Dick Manitoba surely must be proud of the lads. In fact, almost every tune from the opening "Release The Beast" to the closing of "All Over You", gets you by the throat and refuses to let go.

Snew are all those things that most of our current hard rock and metal acts seem to have completely forgotten about, loud, obnoxious, dirty, vicious and mean. I believe it's time for the summer rock festivals in Europe to give the lads a call for next season, yeah? no? Recommended.

August 24 2012


Planet Mosh

Review of "What's It To Ya"

by David Farrell

SNEW are a new band to me, hailing from Hollywood, you can just see these guys hanging out at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, drinking Jack Daniels and loving every second of it.

Snew's debut album, released was June 2008, entitled "Snew You" was named one of the Top Ten hard rock albums of 2008 by SleazeRoxx.com and has continued to receive high praise from fans worldwide.

Snew's 2010 album "We Do What We Want" was produced by acclaimed producer, Surround Sound pioneer and author Bobby Owsinski (he also produced Snew You) and was engineered and mixed by the Grammy Award winning Ed Cherney (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, Spinal Tap).

The third and latest album "What's It To Ya" has once again been produced by Owsinski and joining him this time is the legendary Ken Scott who recorded and mixed it. Playing the hard biker rock style of music from the 80's, though with a modern twist, think the raw sounding hooks of AC/DC, couple that with the swagger of Kix, add the Motley Crue style of songwriting, now mix it all up, and you end up with Snew, yes they really are that good. On this, their third album 'What's It To Ya' Snew deliver blindingly good hard rock and roll, full of ridiculously infectious songs , full of catchy riffs, and sing-a-long chorus lines.

The opening track "Release The Beast" does just that, setting the tone for what is to follow, full of sleazy guitar work, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics Snew have delivered a masterclass in 80's old school rock. There are no real surprises here, most of the tracks follow the same formula, and all the better for it, I have my favourites, from the kick ass title track,'What's It To Ya', the driving "We Do What We Want", SNEW's new single, 'Pull My Stinger', the hard hitting rocker "Pick Up The Ball", and finally the last track, "Shinebox" this album is a real headbangers delight.

With Curtis Don Vito gravel shredding voice, the pounding rhythm section of Willie Basse – bass and Mark Ohrenberger – drums, and some stunning sleazy guitar work from Andy Lux, this is In your face hard rock n roll. Snew's music is meant to be played only one way, 'loud and proud.'


August 30 2012


The Rockpit

Review of "What's It To Ya"

by Shane Pinnegar

SNEW are back, blazing burnouts through the parking lot, hopped up on strong liquor and Accadacca albums, cranking their shit up to eleven.

"What's It To Ya" sees new bassist Willie Basse on board – a veteran of Sunset Strip legends Black Sheep alongside Slash, who has also worked with DJ Ashba and George Lynch, Basse's playing alongside drummer Mark Ohrenberger is as solid as an office block's foundations, giving SNEW 2012 even more punch.

Curtis Don Vito leads from the front as usual, tearing it up with a second-generation Bon Scott-esque throaty roar, at times lending itself the Southern edge of Jackyl's Jesse James Dupree. He's brash and full of bravado, all mirrored shades, tight pants and attitude to burn, screaming out in the title track chorus "glory glory halla SNEW ya" – in short, just what you want from a frontman!

Andy Lux's guitar playing is great throughout, he's confident enough to use Angus & Malcolm Young as his reference point, but textured and diverse enough to be far more than a mere copyist.

Opener Release The Beast lays down the template here – heads down rock n' roll with verve and spunk as the order of the day. I Got a Rocket, Pull My Stinger and Electrolux all follow in the fine AC/DC – KISS tradition of double entendre-filled hard rockers with a nudge and a wink, helped along by the fact that they're all great songs with some great playing.

You won't be able to miss Tearing Up Your City as it roars through the speakers like an amphetamine-fuelled bullet train, and album closer All Over You could have sat comfortably on "Let There Be Rock".

Snew never disappoint, and "What's It To Ya" is another great slab of hard rock from the boys that deserves your attention.


August 31 2012


Calle's Rock Corner

Review of "What's It To Ya"

by Calle

For ca. halandet år siden anmeldte jeg Snew's andet album "We Do What We Want" og det album var jeg ret glad for. Nu har bandet så udsendt deres tredje fuld længde album What's It To Ya og de forsætter bare derudaf med fuld knald på deres AC/DC-inspirerede hard rock. Bandet består af Curtis Don Vito (sang), Andy Lux (guitar), Mark Ohrenberger (trommer) samt bandets nye bassist Willie Basse, som tidligere var fronmand I Black Sheep.

Som sagt er stilen på albummet rendyrket hard rock i bedste AC/DC stil, men der er også hentet inspiration fra bands som eksempelvis Motörhead, Rhino Bucket. Og i kraft af Curtis' vokal, som er rå og hæs, kan man ikke undgå denne sammenligning. Men når det er sagt, så synes jeg Snew gør det rigtig godt. Jeg synes især man skal lægge ører til første singlen "Pull My Singer" og åbningsnummeret "Release The Beast". Men også sange som "I Got A Rocket", "Clever Girl" og titelnummeret "What's It To Ya". Bandets forrige album var hard rock fra start til slut, men på dette album har de faktisk lavet et nummer, som tenderer til at være en ballade. Det er sangen "Bad Words", som er en helt udmærket sang. Som titlerne måske antyder, så handler teksterne om sex og rock 'n' roll.

What's It To Ya er indspillet i Total Access Recordings i Los Angeles med Ken Scott (Beatles, David Bowie og Supertramp) bag knapperne. Producer på albummet er Bobby Owsinski, som også producerede bandets to første albums.

Det nye album lever efter min mening ikke helt op til forgængeren, men det er sku tæt på!! Jeg synes bare lige det mangler det sidste skud adrenalin for at sprudle lige så meget som "We Do What We Want". Men albummet kan stadigvæk varmt anbefales til alle AC/DC, Jackyl og Rhino Bucket fans derude. Snew udviser stor attitude og energi og de skider på hvad der er hot. Det her er "beskidt" hard rock når det er bedst!!!!

September 4 2012


Rock Times

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Moritz Alves

Bei Album Nummer 3 kann man wohl so langsam von einer Art Snew-Effekt sprechen. Denn in schönen Zweijahresabständen feuern die vier sympathischen Amis einen frischen Longplayer in die Gehörgänge ihrer Fans. Und ähnlich wie bei den großen Vorbildern aus Down Under werden neue Snew-Songs immer sehnlichst erwartet und derbe abgefeiert.

Nach dem vollmundigen Statement We Do What We Want von vor zwei Jahren fragen die Kalifornier heute schelmisch "What's It To Ya" und beantworten diese Frage in Form eines schlicht-schönen Coverartworks und zehn neuen, bissigen Kompositionen einfach gleich selbst.

Denn Snew sind auch im siebten Jahr ihres Bestehens glücklicherweise noch immer keinen Fußbreit von ihrem griffigen, zeitlosen Hard Rock australischer Prägung abgewichen, so dass es auch beim neuen Album wieder heißt: Wer AC/DC und Rose Tattoo (sowie unzählige ähnlich gelagerte Gruppen) mag, der wird in Snew eine neue Lieblingsband finden - oder sollte sie viel mehr schon längst entdeckt haben, denn es kann ja nun wirklich nicht sein, dass man als Szenekenner bisher um diese hungrige Band herumgekommen ist.

Auch bei "What's It To Ya" wird die Rock'n'Roll-Messe nämlich wieder von angezerrten Gretsch-Gitarren, kompromisslosem 4/4-Drumming und saucoolem Reibeisengesang gelesen. Und auch wenn die Bassposition mit Ex-Black Sheep-Tieftöner Willie Basse (!) neu besetzt worden ist, so darf ich konstatieren, dass damit am typischen Sound nichts verändert worden ist: Der raubeinige Mix aus Sleaze-, Hard- und Blues Rock ist auch 2012 immer noch packend und ergreifend, auch wenn der Sleaze-Rotz der Vorgängerscheiben aktuell zugunsten von klassisch-trockenem Boogie in den Hintergrund getreten ist.

Soll heißen: Sowohl das Debüt Snew You als auch der Zweitling "We Do What We Want" tönen eine Ecke bissiger und böser aus den Speakern als das vorliegende Album. Was aber keineswegs als Minuspunkt verstanden werden darf, sondern einfach zeigt, dass die Jungs die eng gesteckten Genregrenzen des Riff Rock gekonnt ausloten.

Fazit: Wer auf zeitlos riffenden Hard Rock steht, wem die Abstände zwischen den AC/DC-Studioalben schon lange viel zu groß sind oder wer einfach eine verdammt ehrliche, gute Rockband ohne Schnickschnack und Brimborium vertragen kann, der speichert den Namen Snew ein für allemal im Gedächtnis und ordert "What's It To Ya" umgehend: Songs wie "Release The Beast", "I Got A Rocket", "Electrolux", "Unglued" oder der Titeltrack (um nur ein paar zu nennen) haben es nämlich verdient auf dankbare Kennerohren zu treffen.

September 5 2012